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  Duing the Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.- A.D.24)Period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was very brave and skillful in battle, and had fought more than seventy battles with the Huns, an ancient nationality in China.Having made brilliant achievements in war, he was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers and men as well as the common people. However,he did not claim credit for himself and become arrogant,although he held a high post,commanding a big army,and had rendered outstanding service in defending the county. He was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal and woe with the soldiers. He always had the troops under his commandat heart,and whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial government,he distributed the gifts to his officers and men. When marching, he endured the torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in short supply. When fighting, he charged at the head of his men,and ,when he gave the order,every soldier advanced bravely to engage in fighting,not fearing death.

  When the sad news of the heath of General Li Guang reached the militaty camp,the officers and men of the whole army wept bitterly.



  成功的例子英文版篇2:聪明的国王所罗门 The Clever King Solomon

  Long, long ago, there was a king. Solomon was his name. He was very clever.

  In his country, there were two women. They lived in the same house and each had a child.

  One night, one of the babies died. The dead baby’s mother took the other woman’s baby, and put it in her own bed.

  The next morning , they had a quarrel.

  “No, this is my baby!” The dead is yours!”

  Each one wanted the living baby. So they went to see King Solomon.

  “Bring me a knife, cut the child into two and five each woman one half.” said the King.

  “Oh. Your Majesty! Give her my baby. Please don’t kill my baby!”

  Then King Solomon pointed to the woman in teas and said, “Give the baby to her. She is the mother.”











  There was a man who had undergone numerous failures in his life. But he said, “One success is enough for me!”


  When he was five years old, his father died of illness without leaving him any property. Since then, his mother worked outside while he had to stay at home and take care of his siblings. He learnt cooking since then.


  When he was twelve, his mother married another man. His step-father treated me strictly and often beat him when his mother was away.


  When he was fourteen, he dropped out from school and began his life of roving.


  When he was sixteen, he lied about his age to participate in the expedition. During the voyage, he was terribly seasick and deported back to his home ahead of time.


  When he was eighteen, he married a girl, who, however, sold out all his properties and went back to her home several months after their marriage.


  When he was twenty, he changed his job from electrician to ferry staff to railway worker. All his jobs were tough for him.


  When he was thirty, he did 长春公立癫痫医院a sales work in an insurance company. But before long, he fell out with his boss due to the bonus problems.


  When he was thirty-one, he learnt law by himself and began working in law with the encouragement of his friends. But in a trial, he fight with the litigant on court.


  When he was thirty-two, he was out of work and led a tough life.


  When he was thirty-five, misfortune again befell on him. When he was driving across a hugebridge, the steel ropes along the edge of the bridge were broken and he fell into the river withhis car. He suffered such severe injuries that he could no longer continue his job of promotingtires.


  When he was forty, he opened a gas station in a town. However, he came into dispute becausehe beat his rivalries due to the billboard hanging problems.


  When he was forty-seven, he divorced his second wife, which had deeply stricken his threechildren.


  When he was sixty-one, he campaigned for a senator but failed at last.


  When he was sixty-five, his on-growth restaurant was dismantled by the government d西宁最好的癫痫病医院ue toroad renovating. He was compelled to sell out all his facilities at a very low price.


  When he was sixty-six, he made a living by promoting his chicken-frying technics to variousrestaurants in different places.


  When he was seventy-five, he felt powerless to maintain his company, so he transferred hisbrand and patent to others. The new owner suggested giving him ten thousand stock sharesas part of the purchasing price. But he turned down the suggestion. Later the price of thestocks of the company soared and he lost the chance of being a billionaire.


  When he was eighty-three, he opened another fast-food restaurant but fell into a lawsuit dueto trademark and patent issues.


  When he was eighty-eight, he achieve great success and became well-known to the wholeworld.


  He was exactly the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ha Lunde • Sandoz. He often said, “People always complain about the bad weather. Actually the weather is not bad at all. As longas you are optimist and confident all the time, you will have a good weather everyday.”他,就是肯德基的创始人——哈伦德•山德士。他说:“人们经常抱怨天气不好,实际上并不是天气不好。只要自己有乐观自信的心情,天天都是好天气。”

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